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Happy New Year!

sapphira_002 480

sapphira_004 480

sapphira2_001 480

Gown: “Malika” – Sapphire :: Azul
Shoes: “Alex” – Patent Black :: G. Field
Jewelry Set: Laraine – Diamond/Platinum :: EarthStones
Manicure: Glitter Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Steel Blue :: Ikon
Hair: Rhythm – Brown 10 :: elikatira
Skin: Jen – Suntan – Lavender :: League

In honor of the arrival of the new year, I’m wearing one of the new arrivals from Azul – isn’t the sapphire color divine? It’s truly a gown worthy of celebration!

I hope your 2014 is filled with wonderful, special moments and you achieve all of your hearts’ desires. Happy New Year to you, dear readers!


Sweet Baby Blue

bluesnow_010 480

bluesnow_008 480

bluesnow_009 480

Dress: Paula Gown in Light Blue :: PurpleMoon
Shoes: Lauren d’Orsay – Silver Satin :: Gos
Earrings: Dangle Stud Earring – Diamond/ White Gold :: EarthStones
Bracelet: Tennis Bracelet – Diamond/White Gold :: EarthStones
Necklace: Tennis Necklace – Diamond/White Gold :: EarthStones
Ring: Athena ‘Iconoclast’ Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring :: JCNY
Manicure: Glitter Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Faye :: Truth
Skin: Isla – Suntan – Bloom – Black :: League

MMmmmm… I love a good sale at PurpleMoon and I really love this dress that I snatched up for half-price. I hope *you* enjoy the look, too! Happy Monday.



tigerlily_001 480

tigerlily_002 480

tigerlily_005 480

Dress: Daydream Maxi Dress – Grape :: Sassy!
Shoes: Cuore – Black :: N-Core
Necklace: Egyptian Necklace Silver :: Ben’s Beauty
Ring: Tiger Lily Flower – Silver :: Maxi Gosammer
Manicure: Glitter Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Faye – Browns :: Truth
Skin: Jen – Suntan – Bloom :: League

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend everyone!


On the Dance Floor

snowpaws2_010 480

snowpaws2_009 480

snowpaws2_007 480

Gown: Flor :: Snowpaws
Shoes: Femme “Rouge Passion” :: N-Core
Jewelry Set: Laraine – Diamond/Platinum :: Earthstones
Manicure: Drop Dead Red Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Felicity :: Truth
Skin: Isla – Suntan – Fever – Brunette :: League

Something stunning for a night out on the grid. And be sure to twirl in this one, ladies – the way it drapes and floats is magnificent!

Enjoy the look…



blackfair_004 480

blackfair_001 480

blackfair_006 480

Gown: “Minuet” :: Indyra Originals
Shoes: Slinky Stilettos – Patent Black :: Maitreya
Accessory: My Lil Bowtie – Leopard Black :: L!KE
Ring: Onyx Ring :: Izzie’s
Lips: Glossy Pout Lipstick – Red :: Pink Fuel
Teeth: Parted Lips 1 :: Tuli
Manicure: Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Vibrato – Burnt :: LeLutka
Skin: Isla – Suntan – Champagne – Black :: League

A gorgeous, slinky look from Indyra Originals, available now at The Black Fair. It’s perfect for a slow dance under tonight’s full moon…


So Very Pink

AMD_003 480


AMD_005 480

Dress: Eve Mesh Gown – Hot Pink :: Apple May Designs
Shoes: Slinky Stilettos – Patent – Black:: Maitreya
Jewelry Set: “Hypatia” Black :: Bewildebeest (NLA)
Manicure: #P000 Basic Prim Nails Pink10 :: Candy Nail
Lips: Glossy Pout Lipstick – Love :: Pink Fuel
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Alessandra – Cocoa :: Truth
Skin: Jen – Suntan – Feline :: League

A beautiful gown and only 25L in this Hot Pink color – how could I resist? I don’t know any details about the duration of the sale, so you might want to get to Apple May Designs right away if you’d like this gown for yourself. I hope you enjoy the look!


June Bride… and 100 Posts!

bridal_019 480

bridal_004 480

bridal_010 480

Gown: “Winter” Bridal Gown :: Evie’s Closet
Shoes: Sydney Stilettos – White :: SLink
Earrings: Dangle Stud Earring – Diamond/White Gold :: EarthStones
Tiara: Fleur Grand Tiara – White Diamond Deluxe :: EarthStones
Necklace: Laraine Necklace – Diamond/Platinum :: EarthStones
Ring: Athena – ‘Iconoclast’ Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring :: JCNY
Bouquet: Evocative Floral “Calla” Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet v4 :: Lapointe & BastChild
Manicure: #P000 Basic Prim Nails Pink06 L30 :: Candy Nail
Lips: Jen – Suntan – Lipstick – Pink Champagne :: League
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Isla – Cocoa :: Truth
Skin: Jen – Suntan – Natural :: League

“Married in month of roses June,
Life will be one long honeymoon.”

Yes, this young blog has made it to 100 posts! Yay!

I thought I’d post something special to celebrate that fact. I have a few never-worn wedding gowns in my SL closet, but this is my favorite. It’s traditional, princess-y and sweet – it suits me perfectly.

Thanks to all of you who keep viewing and commenting at “Dressing DaniRose” – it’s truly appreciated by all involved in its creation!


Trip the Light Fantastic

azul_008 480

azul_021 480

azul_013 480b

Dress: Evelise – Sand :: Azul
Shoes: Femme – Noir Intense :: N-Core
Jewelry Set: Chandraki – Silver Onyx :: EarthStones
Eyes: 'Sunrise' Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Amelie – Espresso :: Truth
Skin: Jen – Suntan – Bloom :: League

Need a sassy dress to go dancing in? This is one of my favorites – and it fills the bill with lots of movement, lace and a hemline that attracts the eye. Enjoy your night on the dance floor!


Twisted Colors – Pine’s Dawn

pines_012 480

pines_006 480

pines_019 480a

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 4.58.07 AM

Dress: “Harmony” Dress – Green :: Purplemoon
Shoes: Ribbon Slingback Shoes – Gold :: G. Field
Necklace: TDR Fusion #002 :: Kunglers
Manicure: Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: 'Sunrise' Eyes – Cool Silver :: Ikon
Hair: Marley – Cocoa :: Truth
Skin: Isla – Suntan – Decadence – Black :: League

I think if there were a mythical figure named Pine’s Dawn, she would look just like this. Either that or she’s Stevie Nicks’ more colorful younger sister. *wink*



flora 1 - 480

Flora 2 480

Flora 3 - 480

Dress: Cherry Blossom Dress :: Vita’s Boudoir
Shoes: Caresse "Rose" :: N-Core
Jewelry: Anoushka – Necklace & Ring – Pink Diamonds :: Maxi Gossamer
Manicure: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails :: Sexy Mamas
Eyes: 'Sunrise' Eyes – Silver&Blue :: Fashism (Ikon)
Hair: Video Games – Brown :: Truth
Skin: Isla – Suntan – Bloom – Brunette :: League

I went digging around in the back of my virtual closet and found this lovely little thing – it’s the perfect harbinger of spring, swirling with flowers and butterflies!

And isn’t that middle photo something special? It’s a nice break away from our usual format, I think. For those of you who are wondering, Adam uses a PhotoLIFE studio and pose stands from Tillie while he works. For cropping and the occasional minor touch-ups on the images he uses Pixelmator for Macintosh. Me? I just stand there and look pretty. *wink*